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Finished tournaments for playmoney with stitches

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Chess typeHilfeFinishedTournament nameStakes (Playmoney)Thinking timeHilfePlayerHilfeRoundsHilfeColorHilfesortZeitsortEinsatz
Details Normal chess2016-02-07 06:39:15Julies8.00Quick chess: 20 minutes21?20160207639158
Details Normal chess2016-02-07 06:05:47sahins9.00Quick chess: 10 minutes21W20160207605479
Details Normal chess2016-02-07 11:13:08quickies5.00Quick chess: 20 minutes + 10 Sec/Move21?201602071113085
Details Normal chess2016-02-07 14:52:55grauBalls9.00Quick chess: 30 minutes21?201602071452559
Details Normal chess2016-02-07 12:46:16sahins6.00Quick chess: 10 minutes + 5 Sec/Move21?201602071246166
Details Normal chess2016-02-07 13:04:10MikeFs7.00Quick chess: 5 minutes21?201602071304107
Details Normal chess2016-02-07 15:35:22stitchess20.00Quick chess: 30 minutes21?2016020715352220
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