Normal chess

Normal chess according to the Rules.

Anti chess

Not to be mistaken for 'Capture chess'.

Alternative name: 'Losing Chess'.

The goal in anti chess is to lose all own pieces or to have not any move. There is capture obligation. That means you have to capture an oponents piece if it is possible. Check and Checkmate are not in effect: The king may be captured like any other piece. Pawn promotion to king is also allowed. There is no casteling.

Dark Chess

For each player only its own pieces and the squares to be reached in the next move are visible. Additonally each player can see the squares in front of its pawns: The sqare directly in front and both diagonal in front. The opponent's king has to be captured. Checkmate doesn't terminate the game immediately. The king must not avoid check.

Wide strategy tipps: Dark Chess Strategy Guide.

Capture chess

Not to be mistaken for 'Anti chess'.

Own pieces (except king) may be captured.