Chessgamble ELO points

ELO points in general

The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player games such as chess. ELO rating systems are used both in international chess and many other sports.

A players ELO arises from its successes against other players whose ELO points are being considered in the calculation. Details of ELO calculation are explained on Wikipedia: Wikipedia: Elo rating.

ELO calculation for new Players

For Players not yet finished a tournament, no ELO points will be displayed. For such Players an ELO value of 1500 for quick chess and 1800 for correspondence chess will be taken as basis for the calculation of new ELO points.

Each Player has several ELO values

At Chessgamble you can play tournaments with a variety of attributes:

Of course each player has different playing abilities for example in a Dark Chess Quick game for Playmoney and a Normal chess correspondence game for real money. So for each of this various combinations a player as an own ELO value. That will lead more to a meaningful rating as all combinations where mixed.

Besides you can try other game variations without thinking "I would better not do that, because I will spoil my ELO rating".